This nearly eleven-year-old chassis contained some crappy hardware and way too much space for optical drives and 3.25″ HDD drives is just too pretty. Plus it will choke the life out or any modern hardware.

the Sileo line from CoolerMaster is known for it’s silence and that is not due to it’s cooling performance. Because with all the isolation material and low airflow design. I think it will make it very hard to cool. However, I like a good challenge. With the PSU mounted in the top of the case cable manager will become another challenge.

The completely closed motherboard-“tray” is going to be great too. There are so many issues with this case I sometimes wonder if this was a good idea. Because this is going to be hard and that’s why I’m doing this.

So far I’ve painted the chassis and removed the drivebays. Those will not come back. The current challenges are closing up the frontpanel, mounting the CoolerMaster Master Liquid Lite 120 AIO to the top of the case and giving it airflow.