To play Beyond light, I tell you! If the server lets me!

I feel a bit like the hunter in the image above, seriously! So while I’m waiting for the Destiny 2 Beyond Light servers to let me in. You can read my previous post you can see my hardware. On mainRig you can see a 5700XT and do you know why I bought that? Because my GTX 1060 6GB had a hard time driving my 1440p main display in Destiny 2! Which sucked. So I wanted a good graphic card which didn’t cost me a kidney! So I went with the XFX Radeon RX 5700 XT RAW II, which is for it’s price a real beast.

I love the performance of this card, but we do need to speak about something, AMD! And those are the drivers. Circling back to Destiny 2, those drivers gave me a scare. Because this weekend after updating to the lastest version of Adrenalin 2020 Edition version 20.11.1. The 5700 XT crapped out on me!

The menu’s and the Tower were no issue. But as soon as I actually played the game for 2 minutes my system would BSOD and crap out on me! First I thought my Destiny 2 install was corrupt, which wouldn’t be a big deal because… Beyond Light needed a reinstall anyway, But to be certain I tried Forza Horizon 4. DAMNIT! Same deal, everything is fine until I go into the game bit, kind of important!

So driver rollback, nope!

Driver deinstall with DDU and reinstall, nope!

Updating the VBIOS of the card, then reinstalling the driver, nope!

Turning down the PCIe generation to Gen 3.0, nope!

Only one thing left to do… reinstall Windows 10.

I really don’t want to do this! Because it costs hours, if not days, to get everything setup the way you had it. Then I thought, what else will conflict with the hardware if software isn’t compatible with each other? Could it be the chipset?

So I installed the latest version of the AMD X570 Chipset driver, then I DDU cleaned the system to then reinstall the Adrenalin driver again.

Fingers crossed and


YES! It worked!

It was the damned AMD chipset driver that was causing all the grief. This is the biggest issue you have with an AMD system. Sometimes a driver will crap out, and I must say, Nvidia and Intel just do not have this issue that much. On my previous Intel 2500K mainRig I never had these issues AT ALL!

Now I love tinkering and this makes a lot of things easy for me. But this time I was genuinely scared for my 5700 XT. It felt damaged because of the constant BSOD’s. I was doubting my the card and my power supply. Windows Reliability Monitor reported that it was a hardware failure. And the problem was a chipset driver. Why doesn’t that system auto-update like the graphics driver?

Now I’m waiting for Destiny 2 Beyond Light to let me in and the let me play… and it probably will in about an hour. So I have time to fine-tune this post.